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Photo retouching and enhancement

Imagine Your World offers photo retouching and enhancement services for individuals, advertising agencies, corporate customers and webmasters. Please send us your RAW-file, and we will adjust color and exposure, change backgrounds, remove blemishes from portraits, group shots or wedding images, and merge photos.

RAW files are enhanced in the “digital darkroom” and returned as jpeg- or single layer TIFF-files. Clients have also the option to have images printed and framed on their choice of fine art photographic papers, canvas or striking aluminum. By applying creative effects and filters, we can capture the mood of the day and bring your photos to life.

Photo retouching enhancement, Imagine Your WorldPhoto retouching enhancement, Imagine Your WorldPhoto retouching enhancement, Imagine Your World

Here is a typical photo that was in need of some enhancement. The image was taken in the middle of the day with an almost cloudless sky in the background – not the best lighting conditions for good photography. After converting the original image to black & white, adding backgrounds, frames, digital aging, and sharpening, the resulting picture has a much more pleasing and artful look.

Imagine Your World will creatively enhance, optimize, and perfect your own photos to be ready for print or used in advertising, on websites or in wedding albums.

Due to the differences in retouching needs, it's impossible to provide flat rates. Prices are based on the amount of work needed, and are usually charged in 15 minute increments. Basic retouching services that include color, exposure and white balance adjustments, correcting shadows and highlights, sharpening, noise reduction, de-fringing and basic removal of chromatic aberration can be done for US-$ 65-130 (45 – 90 Euros) per image.

Custom retouching services can include the removal of small objects from the frame, brighten eyes, fix underlines, add make up, straighten and whiten teeth, and combine images, for example. Any third party costs for printing, framing, shipping (if requested or needed) and Taxes as required will be added.

On small projects, the full fee is due before work begins. Large projects require a deposit of 50 percent. The remaining balance will become due upon acceptance of the digital proof(s). After receiving full payment, digital jpeg- or single layer TIFF-files will be emailed back to the client. If requested, our professional photo labs will print, frame and ship the finished products directly to our clients. Total turnaround time can vary from just a couple days to as many as 6 weeks, depending on the amount of work needed.

If you have any questions or need special bulk pricing, please contact us here.

General guidelines:

A camera with a larger sensor and a higher megapixel count allows for a larger print size before undesirable artifacts start to appear. A high quality image taken with a 20 megapixel camera, for example, can usually be printed up to 30″x45″ before any undesirable artifacts show up.

Use the lowest ISO setting possible and shoot in RAW if your camera allows it. A rugged tripod or steady brace are a good foundation for better images. Using a cable release or self timer is always a good idea.

Photographers should make sure that exposure is right on and the lighting is decent. The object should fill the frame as close as possible – any cropping can lower the overall quality and printing size.


By submitting any digital files for photo retouching and enhancement services, you declare that you have the copyright to all images transmitted.

If you desire a commission that was taken by a third party - say a wedding photographer – you need to provide a signed and dated release from that photographer allowing Imagine Your World to work on that specific image.