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One-to-one workshops

If you feel uncomfortable within a group, or simply want to improve your camera craft, create more inspiring photographs, and learn how to see and capture better images, a one-to-one photography workshop with an experienced professional offers the best possible way to achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter if you use a compact or top level DSLR camera – you will learn how to take better photographs and how to have fun doing it.

During an initial telephone conversation, your individual photographic needs and interests are discussed. Topics that can be covered during a one-to-one workshop can include:

  • What you need to know before you buy a new camera;
  • Learn how to use the more creative modes of your camera;
  • Understand the basics like metering, focus, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance;
  • Take control: the composition in photography;
  • Understand the impact of focal length on the narrative of images;
  • Learn how the direction and quality of light can transform your photographs;
  • Gain confidence behind your camera.

Each seminar can be tailored to suit the individual photographer. You tell us what you want to learn – from macro photography to capturing breathtaking sunset images. Individual workshops are perfect for the beginner wanting to accelerate their skills and more advanced and semi Lake Lanier Sunrise (V)Lake Lanier Sunrise (V)Encompassing 38,000 acres (150 square kilometers), Lake Lanier is a popular spot with boaters and jet skiers. However, in the early morning hours, the reservoir in the Northern portion of Georgia, USA, is a magnificent and tranquil place. professional photographers looking to pick up technical shooting principles. Either way, one-to-one events offer learning at your own pace.

Participants need to bring a DSLR or film camera with lenses suitable to cover the intended topics or a high end point and shoot or bridge camera. It is strongly recommended to bring a tripod and cable or remote release. To stay comfortable, sturdy, well broken in walking or hiking shoes and clothing suitable for wet and dry weather conditions are recommended.

Bernd is an award-winning photographer whose career spans more than 30 years. While working as a full-time journalist and on assignments, images and articles appeared in many national and international publications in Germany and Western Europe. He has a passion for documentary and landscape photography and conducts workshops from beginner to Master Class. Bernd is fluent in German and English, instructions will be available in both languages.

If you want to take control of your equipment or wish to accelerate your photographic career, please contact us here. Don’t forget to provide a telephone number and email address so that we can discuss your needs.