Imagine Your World | Mentorship

Sharing the vision

For those who want to refine their photographic personality and expand their knowledge and skills, Imagine Your World now offers a 12 month mentorship. In the field of photography, this is a time honored method for passing on decades of practice from a seasoned to an emerging artist. Since our long-distance learning mentorship is goal-oriented, topics can include building a stronger photography portfolio, working towards an Dresden - The capital of Saxony, Germany (II)Dresden - The capital of Saxony, Germany (II)Situated in a valley on the River Elbe, Dresden is the capital of Saxony, Germany. With the State Art Collections, Dresden hosts some of the most important museums in the world. They consist of twelve museums, of which the Old Masters Gallery and the Green Vault are the most famous. The panorama shows a view over Brühl's Terrace and Dresden old town. exhibition, developing a business plan to start a photography career or simply developing a new point of view.

Imagine Your World's mentorship program is meant as an extension of our traditional on-site photo workshops. It includes 10 individual portfolio reviews of up to 30 online images per month, 10 assignments, and two 60 minute phone consultations for English or German speaking customers located in the EU, Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Photographers can expect a wide range of advice focusing on technical questions, refining personal vision and style, or exhibiting your images.

The 12 month mentorship costs 1,980 Euros and covers 12 sessions as described. Photographers that have participated in one of Imagine Your World’s workshops in the past 36 months receive a 10 percent discount. Be prepared to show your commitment through hard work, practice, reflection, and soul searching. If you are interested in becoming the very best artist you can be, please contact us here.